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  • Land Auctions

    • Domino Group

      In mid-2021, we purchased a farm in White County Indiana. As I saw the market prices continue to rise, I decided that I wanted to sell this farm so in the fall of that year I placed a large For Sale sign up on my own. I received various calls from prospects. One day, Brad Neihouser stopped by my office and asked if I knew that he sold farms and auctioned farm land...that was all I needed to hear. After talking for a few minutes, I informed Brad that I’d like to request his services and proceed with having him sell my farm.

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    • Hemmig Farm


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    • Peterson

      In early 2022, I contacted Brad Neihouser to discuss the sale of a property I owned just north of Battle Ground, IN. The property required a distinctive marketing strategy because it was unique in many ways. Brad’s advice was to conduct an on-line real estate auction, which would attract qualified, cash buyers. This appealed to me as I did not want to deal with buyers trying to arrange financing or conditioning their offers on a myriad of inspections.

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    • The Dunk Family

      Early in 2021, I received a letter from Brad Neihouser regarding my farm in Tippecanoe County. I had inherited this farm from my father and have lived outside of the area for a long time. Now seemed like a good time to sell the farm that my kids would not have the burden of dealing with the farm after I’m gone. Right away Brad an air about him that was trustworthy, so I invited him for an in-person meeting. During this meeting, we discussed all aspects of how to sell the farm and I was very comfortable proceeding after reviewing the presentation that he had come up with to get my farm sold for the greatest amount of money.

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    • Ward Family Farm

      Early in 2020, our Dad passed and left a very nice 240 acre farm to his four heirs .Given Covid 19 restrictions and the heirs being scattered around the country, Zoom meetings become crucial. Grain prices had dropped significantly and the ag outlook was bleak at that time. . . Adding to the challenge was the inability to host the large in person auction that would be typical for such a property. Without adequate demand, the results would be disappointing to the four heirs. Brads advice at that time was to wait until fall 2020, revaluate, and reboot.

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